About Me

Hello! My name is Connor Hoffman and I am a student at The Missouri School of Journalism emphasizing in magazine writing. I am also a member of The Delta Chi Fraternity, Missouri Chapter. This past term I was elected the recruitment chair, I love meeting new people! I also recently got hired as a student ambassador at the Missouri School of Journalism. I am a huge car nerd and would love to write for an automotive magazine someday. This blog is a mix of work that I have done at The Missouri School of Journalism and me ranting on about how awesome cars are (especially American muscle). One interesting thing about me is that I have lived in several places throughout my life including Atlanta, Georgia, St. Louis, Missouri, Columbia, Missouri, Ann Arbor, Michigan, Dallas, Texas, and London, England. I love traveling and being outside, whether it’s camping, hiking, running, off-roading, hanging out with my dog, Milo, or just chilling in my Eno.

Thanks for visiting!