What to do if you’re a poor college student who loves cars

If you’re like me — a broke college student with no job, no money and, in my current situation, no car — and you love cars as much as I do, what do you do to satisfy your automotive addiction?

Sure, you can play all the Forza Motorsport you want, but that doesn’t come close to the real driving experience. You can also watch hours of car videos on YouTube before you fall asleep at night so you dream that you live the life of Chris Harris, pushing the limits of million-dollar hyper-cars on the world’s greatest conglomerations of asphalt.

However, if you’re like me, those things just don’t cut it.

You’re probably looking for every opportunity to immerse yourself in the car world, and you’re not alone. I find every excuse to either talk about, drive, see or even write about anything with four wheels — and it makes my family and friends go insane.

Here are some things you should do (if you’re not doing them already):

  1. Stop in an exotic car dealership and bask in the glory of thousands of dollars’ worth of automotive greatness that you will never be able to afford. Or just check any local dealership with hopes to find a cool car to drool over. It’s kind of like a treasure hunt.
  2. Check online to see if there’s a Cars and Coffee in your area and chat up the local auto enthusiasts. And this shouldn’t be a one-time deal. Some of the coolest cars I’ve ever seen were at a Cars and Coffee in Dallas, Texas — one of those was a Ferrari LaFerrari. You could see anything from a Bugatti Chiron (if you’re that lucky) to a regular ol’ Hellcat. Also, don’t just stick to the cars on display in the main lot. Visit the lots surrounding the event. Sometimes, there are hidden gems lurking around.
  3. Overload your social feeds with automotive content. I follow almost every automotive media outlet there is on Twitter and you should, too. Also, follow some automotive photographers on Instagram if you want your feed to be filled with high-quality car porn. One photographer you should follow is Mark Riccioni (@mark_scenemedia), who is a photographer for Top Gear Magazine.
  4. You can even ask friends if you can drive their cool cars. That’s what I do. The fastest car I ever drove was my friend’s Dodge Charger R/T. Sadly, it was just a 5.7-liter. Still, that doesn’t mean I didn’t have the biggest smile on my face when I ripped down backroads listening to that Hemi roar.


You can’t surround yourself with the automotive world while sitting at home. Whether it’s stopping by an exotic car dealership or car-spotting around town, if you’re a broke gearhead in your 20s like me, go out and do as much as you can with everything cars.