My first semester using the Missouri method

The Missouri School of Journalism has been rated the best journalism school in the country for many reasons, but the Missouri method trumps them all.

Yes, this post is a tad late. I’ve been enjoying my first week of winter break by waking up at noon and endlessly watching car videos on YouTube. My first semester in the upper-level of the journalism school has come to an end. I spent my first semester taking a class called Journalism 4450: News Reporting. For this class, I was a reporter for the Columbia Missourian. No, this is not a school newspaper just reporting about the University of Missouri. The Missourian is a community newspaper that is run by Missouri School of Journalism faculty and staffed by students — covering the COMMUNITY of Columbia, Mo. This paper is delivered to thousands of community members’ doorsteps every morning.

This was a life-changing experience. It was very challenging at times, but I learned more than I could have imagined when I was a wee little lad full of optimism and confidence strutting into the Missourian orientation in late August. Little did I know, I would go through immense amounts of caffeine, stress, failure, and yes, excitement and success to drive myself through the semester. Don’t forget that I was taking communications law at the same time. I’m still questioning my sanity.

Every day, I remember how lucky I am to attend the best journalism school. This was reassured to me when I received feedback not only from my professors, editors and peers, but even from Missourian readers. My email address was posted at the bottom of all of my stories so that readers could email me with questions, comments or tips. I received numerous emails from readers either thanking me for writing a good story or simply telling me that I did a good job. Don’t forget that I earned three credit hours for this. Awesome.

This semester was a great start to my career as a journalist and writer. I am forever grateful for my mentors this semester. Shoutout to Elizabeth Brixey and Sky Chadde. I cannot wait to see where the future takes me. I can only grow from here.

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