Migos and their droptops, suicide doors and ‘Lambos’

With the recent release of the Motorsport music video — featuring a red Ferrari Testarossa, a red and white Lamborghini Countach and a silver Lamborghini Diablo — I want to discuss Migos’ rather odd references to “motorsports” in their songs and music videos.

First, let’s talk about a song that I just listened to today titled, Hellcat. You all should know if you read my blog, that the Dodge Challenger SRT Hellcat is my favorite car. But is the song Hellcat actually about SRT’s 707 hp behemoth? The only reference to the Hellcat is in the first line of the chorus:

Hellcat squad on ’em (squad)

Pull out the lot on ’em (pull out the lot)

Quavo raps about a Hellcat squad, but does he own a Hellcat? Not that I know of. The Only member of Migos that I have seen with a Hellcat is Offset, in a video he took showing off his custom Hellcat Challenger. It’s hideous if you were wondering.

Later in the song, Quavo raps: “I just bought that new McLaren just to flex on ’em” —referencing his purchase of a white McLaren 720S.


I like Tyler the Creator’s comment: “OK THATS CUTE, NOW, RACE.”

The Dodge Challenger Demon and a few Hellcat Challengers make an appearance in the Go Off music video from Fate of the Furious. Offset is shown in the passenger seat of the Demon — maybe Dodge didn’t let him drive the 840 hp monster — that is doing donuts and burnouts at the beginning of the video.

In Motorsport, Offset calls a green Lamborghini a ‘tortoise’, he references a Ferrari 488 GTB and suicide doors, Cardi B raps about hopping out of a Porsche, and Nicki Minaj says that she can afford a pink Bugatti. None of these appear in the music video.

In the video, Cardi B and Nicki Minaj both dance on a Lamborghini Countach and a Ferrari Testarossa and Lamborghini Diablo make an appearance. I guess they were going for an ’80s and early ’90s vibe.

In the song Adios, Offset raps: “You standin’ and lookin’ like you seen a ghost. Maybe it’s cause I’m in this Phantom Ghost.” Both names of Rolls Royces, the Phantom and Ghost are two completely separate cars.

In the 2013 song Rich Then Famous, Migos raps: “Back to the Fisker, I’m doing 250, I’m praying I don’t get a ticket.” But the Fisker’s top speed is 125 mph. Maybe they are referring to the top speed in km/h, which is 201. Still doesn’t make sense. Maybe their Fisker is modified.

With constant references to Lambos, suicide doors and droptops, Migos is one of my favorite rap groups. But Migos and cars don’t really go together — besides the fact that all the members of Migos can afford the cars that I dream of.