Enhancing My Social Media Presence

I first created my Twitter account when I was a freshman in high school. Now, I still have the same account, but I have altered it to become more professional. Yes, I do love to favorite funny Game of Thrones memes, tweet about cars (obviously) and Michigan football. But as I begin to become a professional journalist, I need to find the perfect balance between being professional and keeping my personality and interests alive on my social media accounts.

If you didn’t know already, my dream is to become an automotive journalist. That’s why I love to blog about cars, tweet about cars, drool over new cars, and look at cool cars. My goal is to find the perfect balance of these three ‘personas’ on social media: higher education reporter at the Columbia Missourian, automotive enthusiast (aspiring automotive journalist) and Connor Hoffman, the Game of Thrones nerd and Michigan fanatic.

In my news reporting class, we did a social media peer review. I got paired up with another student and ‘stalked’ them on social media. I looked at their Twitter, Instagram, WordPress, LinkedIn, and Facebook and gave them feedback on their social media presence. They did the same for me. I got this feedback from my Twitter account: “Active, appropriate and a lot of school spirit for Mizzou and Michigan. I think he has done an excellent job at merging his personal/professional personas. He is journalistic but manages to have character and maintain his identity, which I think can really make someone stand out against other journalists and make him more relatable to his audience.” I guess I’m on the right track!

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I’d love to hear feedback on how I’m doing.