Starting at The Columbia Missourian

Oh boy, my first semester as a reporter for the Columbia Missourian is finally here. I have been waiting for this opportunity ever since I took a tour of the Missouri School of Journalism when I was a senior in high school. Now I am giving those tours as a journalism ambassador. A lot has changed in 4 years.

Although I am very excited, I am also extremely nervous to begin my reporting at the Missourian. It is going to be a roller coaster ride full of successes, and yes, some failures. I will learn so much throughout my semester at the Missourian and I will become a great reporter and journalist at the end of the four months. I am looking forward to jumping right into the field and learning from my mistakes. I will be reporting on the education beat but will also work general assignment shifts where I could do anything from writing obituaries to covering a fire. At the Missourian I will be doing almost all of my work myself, but with guidance from my beat editor and general assignment editor. My beat editor, Elizabeth Brixey said, “You are walking on the tight rope and I am the net. I’m here to catch you when you fall”.

I am looking forward to building relationships with the editors and all the staff that work at the Missourian as well as my fellow classmates. I am excited to see what the Missourian has in store for me this semester!