The five cars that are consistently parked in my dream garage


1: Dodge Challenger SRT Hellcat Hennessey HPE1000

If you know anything about me you could have easily guessed that a Hellcat would be first on this list. I am a huge fan of Dodge and SRT. They have been making cars with insane amounts of power with 13 stripes and 50 stars for almost 30 years. In 2015, they came out with the SRT Hellcat which is, well, a ferocious feline straight outta hell with an unheard of 707 hp (at the time it was released). But for me, 707 hp just isn’t enough. No, I don’t want a Demon either. I want a 1000 hp hell kitty. That is why I dream of having John Hennessey’s HPE1000 package for the Hellcat. Here are just a few things that you get with the HPE1000 package:

• 4.0L Supercharger system producing 14 psi boost
• Throttle body upgrade
• Stainless steel long tube headers
• High-flow supercharger bypass valve
• Upgraded high-flow fuel injectors
• Boost-a-pump factory fuel pump upgrade
• HPE engine management upgrade & chassis dyno calibration
• High-flow air induction system

Oh, and don’t forget the HPE1000 badges you get on the sides and rear of the car to let everyone know what kind of power you’re making.



2: Porsche 918 Spyder

If I had to choose from the big three hypercars (918 Spyder, McLaren P1 and Ferrari LaFerrari) I’d choose the 918. Why? Yes, I do love the P1 and the LaFerrari, but I’ve been lucky enough to see all three of these cars in person and I can say that the 918 really took my heart. The thing is just beautiful. The rear end and the lime green badges just catch my eye more than any other hypercar available today. One thing that I would love to experience is the sound that the exhaust makes on the 918. I’ve read and watched numerous reviews that say the sound of the exhaust right behind your head with the top down is an experience unlike any other. I just hope that one day I can hear that V-8 roar while I’m in the driver’s seat.


3: Nissan GTR AMS Alpha16 

This would be my car to destroy the competition on the drag strip, airstrip and the highway. I love GTRs, every model, from the Hakosuka to the R35. Why the Alpha16 package? Cause why wouldn’t I get the package with the most horsepower? This monster makes 1,840 hp — that’s not a typo — and hits 60 mph in about 1.63 seconds, yeah this thing is insane. It makes over three times the horsepower of a stock GTR. I’ve heard how insane it is to drive a stock GTR and the Nismo GTR and to be completely honest with you, I don’t think I could handle it. These are a few of the things you get with the Alpha16 package:

  • AMS Alpha 16 Turbo System
  • Balanced and Blueprinted 4.0L VR38 Alpha Race Engine
  • Alpha CNC Race Ported Cylinder Heads
  • Alpha Intake Manifold
  • Alpha Ported Throttle Bodies
  • Alpha Series Camshafts
  • Alpha 16 Spec Transmission by Sheptrans. Upgraded with Dodson and PPG components
  • Alpha Downpipes
  • Alpha 90mm Resonated Mid-pipe (Catalytic Converters Available)
  • Alpha 94mm Race Exhaust Upgrade
  • Alpha Race Front Mount Intercooler Upgrade
  • Alpha 76mm High-Flow Intercooler Piping
  • TiAL Q Blow-Off Valves
  • Alpha Induction Kit
  • K&N Air Filters
  • Alpha 16 Series Fuel Upgrade
  • Alpha MAP Sensor Upgrade
  • Alpha Spec. Upgraded Fuel Injectors
  • T1 Transmission Brace
  • Driveshaft Shop Rear Axles
  • Syvecs Standalone Engine Management

That’s a whole lot of badassery if you ask me. This thing beats the Carrera GT, the 918 Spyder, the Ferrari Enzo, the Bugatti Veyron, and many other insanely fast cars. Gimme gimme.


4: Toyota Supra 

What car guy doesn’t dream of owning a 2JZ? I’d take a Supra in any shade of red with the spoiler taken off, HRE C100 wheels, twin turbos, and a whole lot of other goodies pushing 1,000+ hp. Sounds good to me.


5: Ford F-150 Raptor SVT

I’m going to need something to haul stuff around in. What’s a better car than a pickup truck with a 6.2L V-8 that goes 0-60 mph in around 6.5 seconds? You tell me. Maybe I’d add Hennessey’s Velociraptor package to the truck, because why the hell not.

This list is constantly changing. These are just some of my consistent favorites. If I could, I’d own every car in the world.